How to Position a Living Room Rug

If you are faced with an open style floor plan in your living space and want to warm up the room with the addition of a rug, there are certain ways you should be positioning the rug, so it doesn’t stand out too much and seem not to belong there.

Choose the Right Size

The size of the rug you choose, first of all, should complement the size of the living space in which it will be placed. It should also complement the other furnishings in the room, so everything is pulled together and a bit more cohesive.

Proper Positioning

A large rug has the ability to make a room appear bigger as long as it is positioned properly, and you keep some of the bare floor showing as well. To do this, you can position the rug under the front legs of the furniture while leaving the back legs off the rug. Doing so will create a border of the bare floor that can help frame the other furnishings and create symmetry within the space.

Complement Other Furnishings

The rug you choose for your living room will do wonders in adding personality and style to the space, so how do you know if it complements the other pieces in the room? If your furniture is a solid colour, then you may want to choose a rug that provides a print. Same goes if your primary furniture, like the sofa, is a bold print, then, in that case, you may want to choose a solid rug, so nothing clashes.

Another way the rug can complement the furnishings is if you pick out a secondary colour in the rug that can be matched with throw pillows you have in the living room, or even curtains or other accessories.