Create a FUNctional Kids Room

Sometimes it may be a real challenge when it comes time to renovate or redecorate a child’s room. There are many things to consider such as the style and personality of the child and what do the different pieces in the room offer? Are they just for looks or are they functional as well?

Then the big question is how do you know that even these functional items you know you want to incorporate into the child’s room are going to be fun and loved by the child?

Try and find pieces that have a purpose, while also offering the child some fun and even play in the process.

Floor Rugs and Bedding

The addition of a floor rug is a very simple thing you can do in a kids room, and it will do wonders in transforming the space. When choosing a rug, consider what would be more comfortable for the child to play on and what colours and styles will complement the room.

You can also choose some new and comfortable bedding for the room to make bedtime more fun. Adding some new pillows, cushions, or a quilt cover set can also help transform the room.

Reading Space

If you want to create a cozy reading nook or just a quiet play space for your child, you can incorporate some big and soft cushions for them to lay on and you can also throw in a small cube shelf for organisation or to hold books for the reading nook.

A reading space could also use a small armchair if you want something other than big cushions. It offers a very functional piece of the room that the child will love to curl up in and read. It is a good space for them to unwind and relax at night before it’s off to bed.


Another functional piece you can use in a child’s room that may even help encourage relaxation is a kid’s double couch. It is durable and easy to clean because it is made with a premium PU leather cover that is perfect for a kid’s room and it would make a great focal point for any room. There is also some hidden storage under the seat, so it goes a long way in providing both fun and functionality for any kid’s room.

Fun & Play

A few fun pieces in a child’s bedroom is a must for the fun loving child! Simple ways to include fun and play while also looking amazing and adding colour include a cute animal stool or bright quilt cover set . A teepee creates a cosy and fun atmosphere while also adding character to the room. Celebrate the imagination of your child by including some favourite role play products such as a Porsche or Range Rover and a gorgeous white kitchen.