Bedroom Basics to Dream Of

If it is time to refresh the bedroom and update your current style to make it seem new, there are a few affordable things you can do to transform the space into a serene and beautiful getaway that you will be proud to have in your home.

With just a few key pieces, you can easily transform a drab and muted space into a bright and refreshing space that feels brand new and fresh.

From replacing the bed and mattress to adding a few comfortable pillows, you are making a bold statement with your own personal style while introducing so much more comfort.

Beds and Mattresses

Replacing your old bed and mattress will go a long way in creating a fresh look and appearance. You can go for a natural oak colour to make the room feel warm and more inviting and pair it with a brand new Euro top mattress for comfort.

Bed Linen

Purchasing all new bed linen is also a step in the right direction and will make the room feel like heaven. Find your bliss with new cotton bed sheets, a bamboo pillowtop mattress topper, and a quilt set that you can just sink into and relax.

Cushions and Accents

Finally, purchase a few new comfortable cushions and add in a few accents pieces such as a new rug to tie your new and fresh style together and make a statement of your personal style.

Cushions are an ideal choice if you want to add a few pops of colour to the room for vibrancy and are especially helpful if you have a neutral backdrop and setting to play off of.

Your bedroom should be your own piece of heaven where it is serene and tranquil so when you lay down on your new bed, all the stress from the day just melts away. You can then find yourself floating in comfort with bedroom basics from Homeware Collective.