Hamptons Beach House Décor- Tips to Get the Look

A Hamptons inspired style for the home can be defined by a casual and relaxed beachy feel that is done in a very tasteful, classic way that is sophisticated and uncomplicated. It is a style that evokes elegance and uses muted colour palettes in combination with natural elements to make a serene and rich space.

A Few Delicate Touches

Adding in a few key accent pieces can go a long way in achieving the Hamptons Beach style you imagine. From a few elements that are reminiscent of the sea such as a faux shell piece or starfish décor piece, to stark white accents to play off the other colours, you can create serenity and tranquillity in the space while making it feel like you stepped out onto the beach.

Add in Pops of Blue

To add some character to a foundation of neutral and muted colours, add in a few pops of blue to add a wonderful contrast to the white cream hues and natural rattan elements.

The rattan elements add more natural sophistication to the space while adding character, charm, and style to play off the blue. The blue can easily be incorporated with a rug, curtains, or even the cushions you use in the space.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for the space to achieve a Hamptons vibe is also important. You can easily use the furniture pieces to bring in outdoor elements which will look good paired with some greenery and natural light.

Adirondack chairs and side tables are also relaxing and lend to the overall Hamptons look. You can also easily pair them with some white linen with black details added style and comfort.

Wicker, cane, and rattan are all ideal materials to use for a Hamptons Beach house look, but you want to make sure you are selective with these pieces because going overboard can take you from the style you want to a style that is more shabby chic than beachy.